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Nashville and Fu Dog Gargoyles by nuriaabajo

Hi, your design is very good. The color is soft and sweet. The subject of the picture is a child so that's good. The gradation of the c...


Wow, just came back from seeing Batman vs Superman, and it was amazing.
DerpyandDinky by Peaceblossom262
Mother and Daughter celebrating Valentines day by baking what else-Muffins! Happy Valentine's Day.
Brightshine and Hard-Wire-Valentines 2016 by Peaceblossom262
Brightshine and Hard-Wire-Valentines 2016
Happy Early Valentines Everyone.
After being apart for for so long, Brightshine and Hard-Wire have a happy Valentine's day.
I'm taking a bit of a break from Bonkers and Transformers fan fictions until I get all my ideas together. :( I hope they come together soon.
A quick little one shot that focuses on Jitters.


The afternoon light poured through the living room window as Jitters paced back and fourth. It was Saturday afternoon, usually a day for Jitters to relax, he wasn’t exactly a young Toon anymore, but with everything that was happening lately he was set doing what he was use to: worrying.

Carman walked in the kitchen with a tray in her hands. The lovely beige female Toon dog flipped her shaggy dark blonde hair over her shoulder as she set the tray down. She smiled at him as she crossed her arms.

“Jitters darling you’re going to wear a hole in the floor. Besides, if Bonkers is going to helping the fight. I’m sure everything will be alright.”

“Carmen, this isn’t one of Bonkers cartoons. There is no script, or any rewriting or editing. This is going to be a battle we Toons have to fight for real.”

Carmen could see how worried her husband was, Jitters was true to his nature. But she also knew Jitters was no longer alone. She sat down next to him and slid her arms around him. “Jitters, do you remember when the twins came, how nervous and worried you were then.”

Jitters thought back, nineteen years ago.

Jitters came in from a long day at work and flopped face down on the sofa.
Carmen saw her husband and knew how much she loved him. They were so different and yet they balanced each other out. He worried, but she kept him calm.

“Jitters darling I’m glad you’re back. There something I have to tell you.”

Jitters lifted his head seeing the look on her face. After almost four years of marriage, he learned to read her expressions. The Toon dog sat up.

“What is it? Is there something wrong?”

Carmen smiled and handed him a sheet of paper. Jitters looked at her as he took the paper and read it. “Dear Mr. And Mrs. Jitters the Dog your request has been approved and you will be receiving a delivery soon.” He almost dropped the paper. “A baby, we’re going a have a baby.”

Carmen smiled warmly at him.  “I made the request a while ago.”
Jitters hugged her and Carmen smiled. “Are you happy darling?”

Jitters held his wife, running a hand through her soft blonde hair. “I love you, and I’m the happiest toon in the world.”

A few weeks later, at 3:00 in the morning, a knock came at the front door. Jitters sat up, his thinning hair standing on end. “Who could that be?”

Carmen rubbed her head as she heard the knock again. Then her eyes widened. “Our baby!” She threw the covers off and ran to the front door not even bothering to put her robe on over her sleeveless lavender nightgown.

“Carmen!” Jitters called after her stumbling out of bed.

She stood by the door as Jitters came beside her rubbing his head, then she nervously opened the door. There stood a tall white stork in a blue vest and red bowtie. “Mr. And Mrs. Jitters A Dog?” Carmen could barely keep herself together, Jitters held her. “Congratulations, you have a delivery.”

Carmen smiled and held out her arms as the stork place a small bundle into them. She was filled with love and excitement. Jitters peered down at the tiny tot. “Oh darling, it’s girl.” Carmen said lovingly.

Jitters smiled. “Just like you wanted.” there was a slight undertone of sadness in his words. “She’s beautiful and we’ll spoil her rotten.”

“Oh, and here’s the other.” the tall stork said holding out another small bundle and Jitters with wide eyes excepted it. “Twins. Congratulations again. I have to go, it’s a busy night.”

Jitters stood there with the second bundle shocked. He peered down at the infant and saw it was a boy. “Carmen my dear, we have twins.” Jitters smiled at his two children. Then it hit him. “We have twins!”

The next day Jitters paced and fourth. “How are we going to take care of twins. And our apartment.” Jitters looked around. “It’s too small for raising twins.”

Carmen held her daughter after feeding her. “Jitters darling, it will be alright. We’ll get a bigger place. For now the twins are fine here. Aren’t you sweetie.” She cooed her daughter who giggled at her.

Then Jitters heard his son cry as the infant just woke up from his nap. Jitters went and picked him up, feeling the warmth of him and somehow started to relax. He breathed out as he held the infant close. “Maybe you’re right. I shouldn’t worry so much.”

Jitters remembered all of this and realized Carmen was right. If all the Toons work together, nothing could stop them.

Just then he saw Ben and Abbi walk in the house. Abbi came over and kissed her father on the cheek. “Hey Daddy.”

Ben went to the fridge. “Hey Mom, did you make lunch? I’m starved.”

Abbi shook her head. “You’re always starved.”

Jitters realized it would be alright, as long as he had a little faith.

The End


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