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Nashville and Fu Dog Gargoyles by Iluvendure

Hi, your design is very good. The color is soft and sweet. The subject of the picture is a child so that's good. The gradation of the c...


Inuyasha is home! by Peaceblossom262
Inuyasha is home!
Yeah, after all these years I finally got my hands on an Inuyasha collectors doll! I was so excited when he got to my house. He's so cute and sweet looking.
His ears could be a little more pronounced on his head but other than that I really like him. My mom thinks he's cute, he looks like a kitty she says, haha.

Thumbs up if you like Inuyasha. That show was a lot of fun. :)
Jan 10th 2015, I arrived home from seeing Aladdin on Broadway, it was great! I was so surprised to find out the voice actor of Jafar from the movie also plays Jafar on stage. Wow. 23 years later. 1992 now 2015 wow
Annaweddingdress by Peaceblossom262
A request. Anna in her wedding dress.
It's sort of a combination of Once Upon A Time Anna and Anna from the movie.
I had a great day. I am really grateful.
Miko requested by Peaceblossom262
Miko requested
Miko wants to know why everybody is sad. "This is my wedding, so let's get this party started!" Everyone and Miko rock the night away. :D
The last in my series of Bonkers stories. Hope you enjoyed them as I enjoyed writing them.

This story takes place soon after the story Change Of Heart in which Bonkers and Miranda realized at the end they still really do love each other.

Bonkers Ever After

By: Peaceblossom

On a hot California night, two L.A. officers sat at a table in a small diner on their dinner break. The young blonde female officer in plain clothes sat smiling at the uniformed officer across from her. The toon bobcat had his nose in a book as his tail swayed calmly.

Miranda noticed that Bonkers hadn’t said anything to her in nearly two minutes. She lowered her brow as her smile faded. “Bonkers?” She called.

But the bobcat was so engrossed in his book that he barely heard her. Until a spoon came down upon his head. Bonkers dropped his book and held his head. “Hey, Miranda. What was that for?”

“Sorry, but you’re so into that book, you haven’t heard a word I said. Have you.” Miranda leaned back in her seat, her arms crossed.

Bonkers straightened his tie. “Sorry, I guess I haven’t. But Miranda. I have a big test coming up. I have to study. You made detective. But I felt like I needed more time so my rank stayed the same. But the Sarg thinks I’m ready now for the detectives exam and I have to study hard.”

Miranda smiled and leaned over putting a hand on his furry cheek. “Aw Bonkers, we both know you could have passed that exam last year with flying colors. You had a lot of years with Lucky and that accounted for something.” She said sweetly.

“Yeah, but I really wanted to be sure I was ready. And now that I’m almost there, I can’t let myself trip right before the finish line.”

Miranda smiled again. “I know you’ll do just fine.” She leaned close and kissed him.

Bonkers could feel the heat rise up the back of his neck. He broke the kiss quickly and looked around. “Miranda. We’re on duty.” He ran a hand through his honey blonde hair before putting on his cap. Then he smiled. “Besides, we can talk about this later.”

Suddenly they heard their police coms crackle as a voice came through.

--Officers needed at Fifth and main.--

“That’s us.” Bonkers said as he jumped up after grabbing his book. Miranda followed him after tossing some money on the table.

Miranda was surprised when Bonkers took the drivers side. She got in and buckled her belt.  “Fifth and main is right down the way.” She said.

“Yup.” Bonkers started the car. Then suddenly he leaned over and quickly kissed his partner. “I know I’ll do well, because you’re beside me.” He smiled at her, a loving look in his shining baby blue eyes. Then he sat up and drove down the road, the officers going off to do their jobs.

Miranda smiled.  She loved being in love, especially with her best friend Bonkers. She counted the hours until their shift was over.


The morning light poured through the window. Bonkers scrunched his brow, squeezing his eyes tight. He grabbed a pillow and covered his fuzzy face. Then his hand lay beside him. Suddenly his hand moved like it was searching for something. He sat up quickly and looked around. His honey blonde hair standing on end. A sad look came upon his face. His feet caught in the blanket and he fell off the side of the bed.

Bonkers shuffled out of the room in his robe and purple fuzzy slippers.  He poured himself a cup of coffee, yes he got use to coffee; then leaned against the counter, his fuzzy ears drooping past his shoulders. He couldn’t believe he and Miranda were so very much in love.  He should be happy.  Miranda was the woman of his dreams.  Everything he could have asked for. Maybe it was all going too fast.

It was just a year ago he had received a new body, and now a new life it seemed. At first he tried to believe nothing had changed. But after everything that happened, including falling in love, he knew everything had changed and he was scared. His life as a Toon who made people laugh was truly over. Dr. Von Drake had tried to convince him his Toon life was not over, only different. But Bonkers felt completely different. The Toon bobcat breathed out. Everything was different, and there was never going back.

True he was scared at first, terrified even. The whole ‘human-like’ body and all that. It down right terrified him. His Toon senses had gotten less since his change he knew, but thankfully they weren’t gone completely. He brightened a little at the thought of his successful ‘peel-slide’. But anvils on the head and giant hammers were in the past now. And that made him really sad.

But there were upsides to his change as well, mainly his uniform fit better. He no longer looked like a kid trying to his wear his dads uniform. And his relationship with Miranda was the biggest change.  A change that made him happy and sad at the same time. The more his relationship with Miranda grew, the more he lost of his Toon self. But he tried to focus on the positive, as Dr. Von Drake often encouraged him to.

Bonkers heard his door open and shut. Miranda walked in, a smile on her face. She set a bag on the counter as she kissed the tall bobcat on the cheek. “Hope you like French toast.”  Miranda saw the solemn look on Bonkers fuzzy face.

She followed him to the living room where he plopped on the couch. “Bonkers? What’s wrong? It’s a beautiful morning.”

Bonkers looked at her then sat up holding her shoulders. “Miranda, I love you. So very much. But I can’t help this feeling inside.”  He let her go. “I feel like I did something wrong.”

Miranda’s eyes shined with deep love for him as she knew how sweet he could be.  She put her hands to his cheek fur. “Bonkers, I love you. And true love is never wrong.”

Bonkers looked at her and couldn’t believe how much he loved her. He leaned in and hugged her tight. The warmth between them like a comforting blanket.  Then they parted, after a gentle kiss was shared between them. Miranda put a finger to his red nose smiling. “Come on, breakfast is getting cold.”

After breakfast, Miranda grabbed her jacket. “I’ll see you later tonight.” She gave him a quick kiss. “I have to get home. My apartment is a wreck. Are we on for dinner tonight?”

 “Yeah, of course. I’ll meet you at seven.” He watched her exit his apartment, the door closing behind her. Then he fell flat on the floor. “Maybe this new life isn’t so bad.”


Later that morning, Bonkers cleaned everything in his apartment then did his grocery shopping. He walked back to his apartment when he saw a familiar female Toon cat standing by his door. She was a vision of loveliness in a simple pink summer dress that hugged her curves. Bonkers was speechless. He didn’t think he’d ever see her again.

“Wow.” She smiled after taking notice of him. “I heard you had changed, but I never thought it would be this much.”  Her delicate hand slid over his arm after she walked close to him. “I like it.”

“Kat’cha? What are you doing here? Last I heard you married some director.”

The curvy black and tan female Toon purred lightly sliding herself under his arm as she fingered his shirt collar. “That? Oh, you know as well as I that wouldn’t last.”

Bonkers moved away from her quickly narrowing his eyes at her, remembering how their meeting was the last time they met. “And whose fault was that.” He turned from her and headed for his door.

The female Toon tugged on his arm. “Oh Bonkers, it was horrible what I had been through with him.”

Bonkers tail swayed irritably. “Why don’t I believe you.”

Kat’cha crossed her arms. “Okay.  So I dropped him like a hot potato. But Bonkers, I had to. I didn’t really love him. Not the way I love you.”

Bonkers stopped.  He dropped his bag and turned to face her, his eyes stern as a whip. “I’m not falling for your games this time Kat’cha. A lot has happened in two years and I won’t be a part of your lies.”

“But it’s true. I do love you. And, I admit I was wrong for playing with you last time. But our years apart have made me realize I really do care for you. And I want to start over.”

Bonkers looked at her. Years ago, he might have given her a chance. But now it was too late. “I’m sorry. It’s too late for that.”

Kat’cha’s slanted eyes widened. “You met somebody…how nice.” A look of disappointment on her face.

“Yes. And I’d thank you to leave me be.” He turned from her again.

Bonkers was about to go inside when he felt her hands on his arm. “Look. I’m sorry about everything. I thought we could start over, a clean slate---as friends.” She tried to smile kindly. “There’s a film festival tonight, a lot of the old gang will be there. I thought we could go as friends and fill each other in on the last two years.” She paused for a moment.  “I promise to behave.”

Bonkers breathed out. He did wonder about the old gang. “Alright. But remember--”

“I know, I know. I’ll keep my paws to myself.”  Kat’cha turned flipping her long dark hair over her shoulder. “You’ve gotten real tough over the years Bonkers.”  Bonkers blinked at that. Then Kat’cha walked away, her hips swaying easily from side to side, her tail as well.

Bonkers couldn’t help but notice. Then he quickly grabbed his keys and ran inside.


At four o’clock, Miranda stepped into her apartment carrying two bags. She set the bag with the groceries on the counter then set the other on the island behind her. She smiled at her reflection in the toaster. “What a great day. I haven’t had my hair done in ages.” Then she went and pulled a deep purple dress out of the bag on the island with a smile. “I can’t believe I bought this, but it’s worth it. Wait until Bonkers sees me.” Just then Miranda heard a knock at the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone.  “Coming!” She called.

Miranda opened her door and nearly hit the ceiling. There stood her dark haired sister.

“Shirley! What in the world are you doing here?” Miranda asked with great surprise.

The dark haired woman set her hands on her hips, and scowl on her face. “What kind of greeting is that from my little sister?” Then the woman smiled. “Darling, it had been so long. I had to surprise you and fly out for a visit.” Shirley opened her arms to her younger sister. “Come here. Give your big sister a hug.”

Miranda hadn’t seen her sister since she got promoted.

Shirley made her way in the apartment. “Oh Mir, a year is a long time to not lay eyes on my little sister. We must do dinner and drinks tonight. You need to catch me up on everything.” Shirley yawned a little. “But for now, I need coffee.”

Miranda still stood there. She had not expected her sister to show up. Especially on a night like tonight. There were so many things Miranda hadn’t told Shirley about and today wasn’t the day she was ready to start.

“Heeeey.” Miranda heard her sister in the kitchen.  “Nice dress. Your style has come a long way sis. You must be dating, and by the looks of this dress, it must be some one really special.” Her older sister gave her a sly smile.

Miranda couldn’t help but feel awkward for a moment. She took the dress quickly, shoved it in the bag and tossed it in the broom closet. “Shirley, why are you here? You haven’t called to nag me in months and now you’re suddenly at my doorstep.”

Shirley turned back to her younger sister, pretending to be hurt. “Aw Miranda, is that anyway to treat you sister. I just wanted to spend time with my baby sister. Is that so wrong?”

Miranda remembered her date tonight with Bonkers and thought if they hurried, she could spend some time with her then run and meet Bonkers. Miranda looked at the clock. It was four fifteen. It was still early.

“Uh, you know Shirley maybe you’re right. We don’t spend enough time together. I’ll get dressed and we’ll go to that restaurant you like so much here in town.”

Miranda tried to rush her along but Shirley simply sat with a cup of coffee on the couch. “Relax Mir. My plane just landed an hour ago. I need some time to unwind. Besides, it’s barely past lunch time. What’s the rush?”

Miranda went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. “There’s no rush. I just thought you’d want to get things going. Isn’t that how Shirley Wright is. Famous reporter, always on the move. Go, go, go. Remember.”

Shirley grimaced behind her cup. “Not always. That’s why I came. I needed a change of scenery for a few days.”

Miranda was glad the focus was not on her anymore. “What do you mean?”

There was a silence for while and Miranda realized her sister wasn’t joking. Something was going on. She went and sat by her older sister genuinely concerned now. “What’s going on Shirley. Are you and Timmy alright?”

The darker haired woman put a gentle hand on her sisters knee. “Oh no, we’re fine. But our happy trio has become a lonesome duo.” Miranda’s eyes widened as she got the idea.

Shirley’s husband had left her. “Oh Shirley, I’m so sorry.” She hugged her sister. “How’s Timmy taking it?”

Shirley breathed out, a slight smile on her face. “I don’t know. He’s so stuck on sports and video games I barely see him. By the time I get home he’s shuffling off to his room for the night. I think he blames me.”

Miranda couldn’t believe this sort of thing was happening to her sister. It didn’t seem real. There were many reasons why marriages didn’t last. But it was always something she heard about, never really experienced first hand.  She felt bad for her sister as she could hear the genuine emotion in her voice.

“I’m sure that’s not true. He’s just sad and confused.”

Shirley leaned her elbow on her knee, her chin in her hand. “He can join the club.”

This was awful. Miranda had to do something. “I know. We need time to relax and unwind for a while. There’s always something going on Friday nights in California. Come on,” She took her sisters arm. “-let’s change. Tonight we’ll find a little fun.”

Shirley began to smile. Her sister actually wanted to help her. “Aright, fun sounds like a good idea.”


The steam of the shower fogged up the bathroom mirror. Bonkers stepped out of the tub fur soaked, his honey blonde hair laying on his shoulders dripping wet. The orange bobcat smiled as he remembered the night he was accidentally blown dry and he came out looking like a giant fluff ball.  He eyed the hair dryer on the shelf. A few moments later he jumped as he saw his reflection the wiped mirror. His hair stood up in a giant blonde afro on top of his head and the fur on his shoulders were all bristly. “That didn’t work.” He smiled. He finished towel drying himself then went to get dressed.

He heard the phone ring, and the orange bobcat ran out of his room sliding on the area rug towards the phone. “Miranda?”

There was a pause on the other end. “Um, no darling.”

Bonkers shrugged his shoulders. “Oh, Kat’cha.”

“My, you don’t sound very happy to hear from me. That aside, I just wanted to make sure you were still coming tonight.  
It might rain, so everyone will meet at the ‘Stars’ club instead. ” 

A gray cloud hung over Bonkers heard. He wished he still had his red hammer. “Kat’cha, the thing is I really--”

“Oh Bonkers.” She started quickly. “It’s just meeting with some old friends. We’ll all be waiting for you.”

Bonkers stood there. He really didn’t want to risk missing his date with Miranda. But he had to do something. He would go and tell Kat’cha the truth and that would be the end of it. He took a breath. “Yeah, I’ll be there.”

He hung up and yanked at his blonde hair. “Ach! Why her, why now!” The bobcat stomped off to his room. “Five minutes. That’s all it will take. I’ll just go in there, tell her the truth and then I can go and meet with Miranda. Right?”

Bonkers looked down at his fuzzy toon slippers that sat at the foot of his bed. They simply looked at one another. Bonkers shrugged his shoulders.


Later that evening, Miranda sat leaning her chin in her hand as she watched her sister dance as the fast paced music blared around her. She was glad her sister was having a good time but she knew time was ticking fast. She took a sip of her drink and glanced at her watch. She jumped it was nearly seven. Time had gotten away from her.

“Oh no.” Then she glanced at her sister and shrugged her shoulders. “I’ll just call Bonkers and let him know I’ll be late. She left the room to make the call when suddenly she spotted Bonkers with a group of Toons. Then her eyes fell upon a curvy female Toon cat who sat so close to him she was nearly stuck to him. Miranda saw him put his hand on her shoulder, but couldn’t hear what they were saying.  Then the female cat kissed him, square on the muzzle and Miranda felt her stomach sink. She turned from the scene and walked out of the room to the lobby of the club and leaned against a wall.

Bonkers eyes went wide as saucers. Then he pushed Kat’cha away. “Kat’cha! I told you this won’t work. I already have some one I love. And if you can’t understand that, then I don’t think we can be friends either.”

Bonkers walked away and realized the time had flown by. “I have to meet Miranda.”

Miranda turned when she heard her sisters voice. “Here you are. I was wondering. What’s wrong. You look upset.”

“I need to get home.”

Shirley gave her sister a concerned look. “Oh sure. I guess I did come short notice. I should let you get to your usual for a while. We have time to hang out.” They made they’re way outside and Bonkers spotted them leaving.

“Hey. That’s Shirley with Miranda. When did she get in town?” He tried to call them but they were out of ear shot. “Miranda didn’t look well. I’d better call her.”

Miranda heard her  cell phone ring as she walked to her apartment door. She knew it was Bonkers and decided to let it ring.

“Aren’t you going to answer it?”

“No. I’m going to bed.”

Miranda changed her clothes and sipped some tea then headed off to bed. She didn’t even feel bad that her sister was on the sofa bed.

Shirley spotted Miranda’s phone on the counter where she left it.

Missed Call 7:17pm



The next day, Bonkers worked his alone for Miranda had taken the day off and since he desk duty, there was no need for any reassignments. Bonkers was bored out of his mind as he typed away at his computer and filed and scanned. He sat back in his chair a moment and bounced paper clips on his red noise.

Andrew leaned over and smiled. “Wish I could do that.”

Bonkers smiled. “Aw, it’s ok. Here’s a trick I know you can do-” but before Bonkers could say another word, he was bopped on the head with a rolled up magazine.

“You get paid to work not talk. Save it for lunch time.” Then she walked away.

“Aw, she always picks on you.” Said the red-haired younger officer.

“It’s ok.” Bonkers smiled. “Sergeant Grating was way worse.” The two young male officers laughed.

After work, Bonkers decided to go and visit Miranda and see how she was feeling.

He was soon in front of her door.  A classic movie knock always picked up her spirits.
The door opened and there stood Mirandas older sister Shirley. The woman’s eyes went wide.

“Bonkers?” She eyed him carefully. “Is that really you? Wow it’s been a while, Miranda said you changed. But still cute as ever.”

Bonkers shuffled his fuzzy feet. “Aw Shirley.”

“Come on in. Miranda is taking a nap, but I’ll let her know you’re here.”

“Maybe I’ll come back later.” Bonkers said as he started to turn away.

“Oh please. Get your fuzzy butt in here. She’s been sleeping for nearly three hours anyway. I got in town yesterday afternoon and now she’s sleeping the day away.”

Bonkers began to worry. He hoped Miranda wasn’t sick. He decided to try and talk to her. But as Shirley stood there after coming out of Miranda’s room and Bonkers attempted to start a conversation, the temperature in air dropped. And Shirley was surprised at how angry her sister was. Bonkers felt like a bucket of cold water been poured over him. Shirley never heard her sister speak the way she did, neither had Bonkers.

“I think I should go.” Said Bonkers. And the tall Toon quietly left the apartment.

Shirley watched the door close.  “Miranda. What’s wrong with you? Why in the world would you treat him that way. I thought you two were friends.”

Miranda stayed quiet a moment then fell on the sofa. Shirley sat next to her sister, wondering what was going on. She had come out to visit Miranda and forget about her marriage not working out but it seems Miranda needs her too.

“Mir. What’s going on? You can tell me.”

Miranda collected herself and took a deep breath. “I don’t know if you’ll understand. I mean you always tried to tell me what to do. I don’t need anymore judgments.”

“Hey, I’m the one whose marriage is over. No more judgments from me. Promise.”
Shirley smiled a little. “Boy, when you said Bonkers had changed, you weren’t kidding. He’s a sweet kid so why are you ready to tare his head off. You yelled at him like your were dating or something.” Shirley laughed. But when she saw her sister not laughing. All went silent.

“Wait, you two are dating! But he’s a--” Miranda stood up and walked into the kitchen.

Shirley remembered her words. No judgments. She took a deep breath.

“I admit this is news to me. Why didn’t you say anything. And for that matter why didn’t you mention when he changed he’d look like that.”

“I don’t need judgments Shirley. I need a sister.”

“I know.” Shirley answered softly. “Look, all I know is Bonkers, Toon or whatever, has always been a sweet, hard working little guy. You always said he was your best friend. And now he’s adorable times ten.  So why are you so angry with him?”

“I saw him kissing another Toon girl when we were at the club last night. I know our relationship is different and knew, but I love him. And I don’t want to lose him.”

Shirley looked at her sister and realized this relationship between her sister and Bonkers was not based on novelty or convenience. She truly did love him. And suspected the same of him. She moved to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Do you really love him?”

Miranda looked at sister in the eyes. “More then anything in the world.”

“Then let’s find that Bobcat and figure this out.” Shirley said grabbing Miranda’s sneakers.

“But Shirley-”

Shirley tugged her sister to the door. “No buts. Love waits for no one. You have to grab it when you can.”


Miranda was about to knock on Bonkers door when he suddenly came out in his police uniform. “Bonkers. I need to talk to you.” Bonkers was clearly in a hurry. He stopped a moment and looked at her. Even though she had yelled at him, he couldn’t help but love her. “Not now. The precinct called me in. There’s a crazy guy down town on top of the News building claims to have a bomb.”

“A bomb?” Miranda asked.

“I know. It’s like seven years ago all over again.” Bonkers said as he straightened out his belt. Shirley noticed Bonkers now carried a gun unlike before. “I have to go. We’ll talk later.” He looked at her sweetly. “I promise.”

“Be careful.”

Miranda ran back to her apartment and turned on the news, then dug through a file cabinet in the hall. She searched feverishly until she found what she hoped she didn’t.

Then she ran to the TV. “Miranda. What’s going on?” asked Shirley.

“Shirley, Bonkers and I met because his then partner Lucky Piquel was kidnapped and assumed dead until we found him tied up in the suspects lab. The suspect was this guy.”

Fireball Frank.

Miranda shuttered at the memory. He tried to blow up the city last time. Now he escaped and is going to do it again, but time Bonkers won’t be able to swallow the bomb. Even with a bomb squad, Bonkers could get seriously hurt if he’s not careful.”

“Are saying Bonkers is vulnerable like us. But he’s a Toon. I thought they were indestructible.”

Miranda closed her eyes a moment. “No one is indestructible. Even Toons. But Toons do have a higher capacity humans. But since the change, Bonkers is different now. He’s not the same as he was before.” Miranda turned to her sister. “Shirley, something has changed Bonkers. When he was a regular Toon, it was like his body wasn’t real. He could stretch and bend, squish, squash get blown up and he couldn’t be hurt. But now-now my heart fears for him every time he walks out the door. If he’s not careful out there, Bonkers could die.”

Shirley looked her sister. And realized she had really grown up. She wasn’t her baby sister anymore.

She put a hand on her sisters shoulder. “Your fear for him is the same fear I have for you every time I hear you’re going to work. You both share the same risk.”

“I have to warn him.” Miranda went to for her phone. But instead she grabbed her car keys.

“Where are you going?” Her sister asked. “You’re supposed to be off from work.”

“I have to talk to him before it’s too late.”

Soon Miranda was driving down the road towards where the news had reported the threat that was taking place. She was was a block away when she heard an explosion and the pavement shook. Miranda was frozen a moment. She heard dozens of car alarms and soon saw emergency vehicles speeding by. The only thing she thought about was Bonkers. Her dear sweet lovable Bonkers. Whatever she saw at that club last night wasn’t going stop her from loving him. Their love had to be stronger than that, stronger than what was happening right now.

She got out of her car and ran as fast as she could. She saw the police and the bomb squad in one piece. Everybody seemed to be okay. She look around but Didn’t see Bonkers anywhere. “What happened?”

A senior officer turned to her. “Officer Wright? What are you doing here?”

“Everyone is okay. What happened? Where’s Officer Bobcat.” 

She saw two officers and a heavily armed squad of men escorting Fireball Frank to holding truck. Miranda was beginning to worry. “I heard the explosion but everyone seems to be okay.”

“You can thank Bonkers for that.”  Miranda saw Andrew and Bonkers walking past a group of officers.

“Bonkers!” Miranda ran to him tossing her arms arms around him. “You’re safe.”

Andrew looked at her. “You’re both safe.” She blushed as Andrew shook his head.

“Bonkers. I was so worried. What happened?”

“Well,” Bonkers began.  “You could imagine how I felt seeing Fireball Frank again. But I knew deep inside things weren’t the same. Andrew here helped a lot. After capturing Fireball, like before, there was no way to stop the bomb. So me and Andrew, thought what if we tossed it into the river. They made the call to evacuate the river. Then Andrew and I tossed it in the drink.”

“Yeah, Bonkers nearly fell in with it. But I grabbed him before he did.”

Miranda looked at Bonkers. “My glove got stuck on the bomb as we were going to toss it.” He smiled a little.

Miranda kissed Andrew on the cheek. “Thank You. For saving him.” She said as the young officer blushed.

“Thankfully no one was hurt this time.” Said Bonkers.

“Thankfully.” Miranda repeated as she held Bonkers tighter.

Just then, they spotted Shirley pushing her way through the crowd. “Miranda!” She saw her sister and Bonkers standing there holding each other. “Miranda. Bonkers, you’re okay.”

“Hi.” Shirley turned and saw a red-haired officer. “You’re Shirley Wright from the News. You’re one of my favorite celebrities. You’re related to Miranda?”

Shirley eyed the young officer a moment. “Uh, yes. Yes I am.”

“I kinda also always had a crush on you.” Miranda and Bonkers laughed a little as Shirley glared at them. “If it’s not too sudden, maybe we could have coffee sometime?”

Miranda knew Andrew was a little young for Shirley but she couldn’t help the quiet laughter.


The next few months seemed to go by in the blink of an eye, and the day came that no one ever expected. Bonkers had asked Miranda to marry him, and she gladly excepted. That made him the happiest Toon in the world.

It felt like a dream as she stood there with him. It had been a difficult road. Toons and Humans lived completely different lives. And a marriage between a human and a Toon had never been done before. But they both knew Bonkers was different then he was before. But even still she loved him too much to let anything stop them. And as everyone knows, love makes one bonkers.

Shirley stood there as she watched her little sister get married. She couldn’t help the tears that came. Every officer cheered for them and all of Bonkers old buddies cheered the same.

After their fist dance, Bonkers and Miranda stood and greeted their guests. And Bonkers couldn’t hold back his tears when none other than his old buddy Fall Apart Rabbit came tripping through the crowd.

“Fall Apart. You actually made it.” Said Bonkers.

“Of course. When I heard you were tying the knot, I knew I had to come.”

Miranda smiled. “Good to see you again.”

“How’d you get here?” Bonkers asked.

“I drove.”

Miranda stared at the Toon a moment. “You drive.”

“Nah, but he does.” Fall Apart pointed. Bonkers and Miranda turned and saw who else but Bonkers old partner and friend Lucky Piquel.

Bonkers eyes widened like saucers and he jumped on Lucky like in the old days. “Lucky! I missed you so much.”

Lucky laughed and actually hugged him back. “I missed you too kid.”

Lucky smiled at Miranda. “He won you over huh?”

“How could I resist.” She smiled back, putting her arm around her new husbands waist.

“You’ll be happy. I know it.”

“I could only be here the weekend but I knew I had to see my little buddy get married.  I know you’ll be happy together.”

“Thanks Lucky.”

Just then they heard a shout from the crowd. Then they saw a red Toon ball with ears and feet and a large horn sniffing through the crowd and eating cake.

Bonkers blinked. “Toots? Is that really you.”

The Toon dog saw his former master and jumped on him. “Hey Toots, you remember me.”

“He never forgot. But he takes good care of Marilyn.”

“How’s she doing. Still drawing?”

“Yeah, going to an expensive art school and everything.” He said calmly.

Bonkers knew Lucky had not changed. Still his old cheery self.

The music continued and Miranda smiled as Bonkers swept her away into another dance.

Lucky sighed as Toots jumped up and down beside him. “Be happy kid.”

Then as the music continued to play, the world seemed to melt away as Bonkers swept his beautiful bride into his arms and
they shared their second kiss as husband and wife.

,bonkers ever after by Peaceblossom262

 And so, life continued on in the crazy world of Toons and humans. And if you truly believe, there really can be:

A Happily Ever After.

The End

And Thank You to the person who gave the idea for the reappearance of Fireball Frank. Though at this point in the series I was just too tired to write a big scene with him. Hope you enjoyed.


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